Thursday, September 9, 2010

2day, 2morrow and ......

apa yah?
1 thing for sure, i am LONELY at home...
yeah i know, it's all becoz my own choice..

i choose to get a divorce..
he didn't agree..
he's angry and hasn't take alex here again don't know untill when..

eventhough in some parts, i felt very relieved and happy becoz i did say about divorce to him...
berasa beban gw terangkat..

but now i MUST live with the concequences...
like living without alex..

my bestfriend at college ever told me that i am a strong person no matter what happen..
yeah, i am strong..
i can handle it.. i know..
eventhough now i'm sad n angry..
but surely sure i will able to face this..
*suddenly dejavu with 2 sentences above*

so since a week ago, i'm alone in the house...

i just hope that he wud like to take alex here soon..
just for a week...
i wanna apologise to alex and i really miss alex...

okay, enough... *dont wanna cry again*

to all readers, thx 4 all ur support.. :)

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Anonymous said...

sippp gw support nish heheheheh ^^