Sunday, April 7, 2013

My wish before I die

I wished to meet my sons and die in my mom’s arm..
Suddenly my ex husband call my mom, said that he’s going to P (city where Alex live now) and wether my mom wants to give something to Alex..
Then my mom tell me, why i don’t go with my ex so i can meet Alex too..

Aji mumpung kalau kata mama..
Mumpung belum kerja, masih punya banyak waktu..
Mumpung ex lagi mau kesana, jadi ada teman dan juga gw gak tau alamatnya dan belum pernah sama sekali ke kota P..
Gw kaget... seneng bakal ketemu alex..
Dan gw teringat “wish before I die” gw..
Is that mean that I am going to die soon??
Well, if i do, I don’t wanna have some regrets..
So, I have to add more wishlists before I die..

I wish to go to my birth place.. *in Europe*
I wish to meet and chat face to face or even hangout with Cii, whether it means that I have to go to Netherland or wherever she will be..
I wish to travelling and adventuring all over Indonesia..
I wish to pay all my debts to my mom..
And I wish to fullfill all my wishes..

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