Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Twilight Saga

After i watched Twilight movie, i was so curious to read all 4 novels..
I want to compare the movie n the book..
I love reading novels..
But honestly, I can't afford 2 buy those expensive things..
Fortunately, i found the free e-book of The Twilight Saga..
So, i could read all of those novels..
I was so excited to finish it quickly so i know the whole story..
And my comment was "why is it only 4 books??? I want more.."
So, i think the idea was great.. I love the cullen's family especially Alice n Carlisle.. The relationship, the love, the emotions between Edward n Bella are so deep.. It's really romantic love i've ever know.. When they get married, haha, i love that too..

These 4 books makes me insane.. Like i was there, inside the story..

I really want to watch 3 movies sequel..
Unfortunately, i haven't get the chance yet to watch New Moon.. :(


mabelle said...

cuma mau kenal kamu. bisa??

mabelle said...

oh iya lupa..
nama saya tary saat ini tinggal di bdg..
baru liat2 blog kamu..
salam kenal ya...

andro_danish said...

Hai.. Tary.. Bole knal kok.. Km bs email q d ...