Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Lately, suicide getting famous in Jakarta..
Well, i dunno whats on their mind so they decided to end their own life..
It's a pity.. If sadness n hopeless could be a weapon to kill..

To be honest, i've felt sad, hopeless, empty, useless, n so on.. Even, i wished 2 die.. But, fortunately, i dont have the guts to suicide.. I'm too afraid wit my sins, that i'll get hell if i do it.. But i know as well, my life wont be easy 4 me.. My friend said that n i believe her.. But i realized that i have 2 stay alive as long as i have the time.. Eventhough i cant erase the difficulty of my life.. But, i love my life.. Thank God i still can be wit my mom n my son.. N i'm trying 2 get a better life of myself.. At least, i wanna enjoy all the joy in this world so i wont regret.. :D

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